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Pledge Levels


We’re committed to promoting water.

  • Provide drinking water when food or beverages are served.
  • Ensure children and adults can always access safe drinking water.
  • Post water prompt signs near water sources in your building.
  • Promote water as the preferred drink for hydration and health.
  • Ensure staff encourage kids to drink water when thirsty—especially during physical activity.
  • Allow kids to bring refillable water bottles or provide cups so they can use the water fountain or hydration station to fill up and have water at snacks or meals.


We’re committed to promoting water and discouraging sugary drinks.

  • All the Bronze Criteria. (more)
  • Use Sip Smart! Ontario materials to raise awareness about the harms of sugary drinks (for example, posters, newsletters)
  • If beverages are offered or sold in your organization:
    • Sell water, plain milk and unsweetened soy beverage at a lower price than sugary drinks.
    • Position water, milk, and unsweetened soy more prominently than sugary drinks.
    • Offer water, milk, and unsweetened soy beverage in greater proportions than sugary drinks (e.g., 80% healthy choices and 20% sugary drinks)
    • Limit the portion size of sugary drinks and fruit juice sold to 16 ounces (500mL) or less.
    • Do not offer free refills on sugary drinks.
    • Use promotional space (e.g., vending machine fascia) to advertise only water, plain milk, and unsweetened soy beverages.


We're committed to promoting water and not selling, providing or promoting sugary drinks.

  • All the Bronze Criteria. (more)
  • All the Silver Criteria. (more)
  • Do not offer or sell sugary drinks.
  • Avoid marketing sugary drinks (for example, displaying corporate branding of sugary drinks).