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Pledge Levels


We’re committed to promoting water.

  • Provide kids with drinking water at meals and snacks.
  • Take chilled water with you when you go out to play.
  • Promote water as the preferred drink for health (for example, provide water anytime kids say they are thirsty).
  • Give your kids their own water bottle to refill at water fountains.
  • Pack refillable water bottles for trips, so you don’t have to buy a drink when thirsty.
  • Remind kids to drink water—especially during physical activity and on warm summer days.
  • Keep water in the fridge. Add a slice of lime, lemon or orange to give it flavour and colour.
  • Drink water especially when your kids are watching.


We’re committed to promoting water and discouraging sugary drinks.

  • All the Bronze Criteria. (more)
  • Ask family members to support your efforts to choose water over sugary drinks.
  • Serve plain milk or soy beverage with meals and snacks. Limit flavoured powers and syrups (for example, strawberry or chocolate).
  • Avoid serving soft drinks or fruit drinks (e.g., punches or cocktails) with meals at home.
  • Buy 100% fruit juice with no added sugar and limit servings to 125 mL (½ cup) a day.
  • Ask caregivers to only give your kids plain milk, soy beverage or water rather than sugary drinks.
  • Provide kids with chilled water for sports activities instead of buying sports drinks.
  • Encourage kids to access free water instead of wasting their money on sugary drinks.


We're committed to promoting water and avoiding sugary drinks.

  • All the Bronze Criteria. (more)
  • All the Silver Criteria. (more)
  • Become a #WaterDoesWonders family. Stop buying sugary drinks and enjoy the money saved.
  • Ask your child’s school to remove sugary drinks from celebrations or events.
  • Ask your child’s team/program to remove sugary drinks from the snack list.
  • Ask your local recreation facility (e.g., arena) to reduce sugary drinks.
  • Ask community organizations and schools to take the #WaterDoesWonders pledge.
  • Ask community organizations and schools to adopt a policy stating that they will not provide sugary drinks to children, including as a reward or prize.