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Why Pledge?

Why Pledge? To be part of the solution! Children are drinking way too many sugary drinks, which has a negative impact on their health (Check out these Facts on Sugary Drinks). We can all help by making tap water easier to access and by not serving or selling sugary drinks to children. By taking this pledge, you are affirming your commitment to help children sip less sugar. Bravo!

What’s in it for organizations?

  • Increased profile as a caring leader and community role model for actions that keep our kids healthy. Promote your presence on our Hall of Pledges and display your certificate prominently!
  • Community recognition – join the collective effort to be a Top Community on the Hall of Pledges. Spark a friendly competition with other communities across Ontario!
  • Pride and satisfaction knowing you are helping children to be healthy and well. Await the arrival of good Karma!
  • Green gratitude – you are supporting environmental efforts to reduce waste and promote tap water.

What’s in it for families?

  • Recognition for making positive changes as a family. Feature your pledge certificate proudly on your fridge or family bulletin board! Share your pledge efforts on social media with the #WaterDoesWonders.
  • Sense of collective action. Your efforts will help your community become a Top Community within Ontario on the Hall of Pledges.
  • Drive actions in your schools, recreation centres, arenas, etc. to reduce the amount of sugary drinks available to kids.
  • Pride knowing that you are helping children to lead healthier lives. Await the arrival of good Karma!
  • Extra money! Put the funds that you usually spend on sugary drinks in a special jar to save for a fun, family activity.